Tassimo vs Keurig

Tassimo Vs. Keurig: Clash of the Single Serve Titans

In the world of coffee and espresso makers, two brands usually come to mind when it comes to single serve machines. The Tassimo and Keurig are both well known for their own respective styles of single serve system.

Tassimo vs. Keurig – since these two are probably the two most popular single serve espresso system in the market right now, it is just appropriate that we take a closer look at this ongoing “rivalry” and in the end help us in making the right decision in choosing the best brand for us.

Tassimo vs. Keurig or Brains vs. Variety?

The Tassimo is known for its Smart Bar Code technology that scans each T-Disc in order to recognize a particular disc and load the appropriate settings in the machine to get the best possible results.

This cancels the need for guesswork when brewing, and this unique system saves you time and provides consistent results all the time. The ability to use milk T-Disc is unique to the Tassimo, it can steam and froth milk from these milk T-Discs, and this makes brewing Cappuccinos and Lattes possible.

With 40 options for the choices available ranging from Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Lattes, Cappuccinos and other beverages, the Tassimo has plenty of variety to satisfy your espresso/coffee beverage cravings. The most well known models within the Tassimo line are without any doubts the premium Tassimo T65, the midrange Tassimo T45 as well as the entry level Tassimo T20.

If the Tassimo has “plenty” of choices for its blends, Keurig’s selection is “Massive”. Keurig is the King when it comes to variety, with over 200 different blends for Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Iced tea and many more, the Keurig is undisputed when it comes to the range of selection. In contrast to Tassimo Keurigs rivalry models are the premium Keurig B70, the midrange Keurig B60 the Keurig B40 representing entry level model respectively.

Flexibility in Drink Size

The Tassimo’s smart bar code technology is the one who “decides” which drink size is perfect for the disc being used. However, you can always manually add more water to your cup at the end of a drink cycle in case the need for it arises.

The Keurig is able to support 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz and 12 oz sizes of cup or mug. Perfect for just about any size of cup, mug, and even travel mugs.

Programmable Settings

The Tassimo does not require any programming input from the user as it already makes all the decision and loads the proper settings once it scans the bar code on the disc. You can however, manually over ride the device in case you need to add more water (at the end of brew cycle).

The Keurig allows you to set the water temperature, cup size, and boot-up time so that you can customize the settings in each brewing session. This provides the user with more control over the final taste of each cup.

Self-Made Blend Option

Since there is no refilling option when using the T-Disc, the Tassimo is completely dependent on using new discs on each brewing session.

The Keurig is more flexible in this area since its K-Cup system supports refillable kits. Perfect for those who like to ground their own coffee beans.


As with all difficult decision-making moments, preference plays a crucial role. Tassimo vs. Keurig – both machines have its own strengths and weaknesses, and knowing what you really need will help you clear things out and pick the most important features that will be best for your situation.

The Tassimo is perfect for those who want to brew more than just regular coffee: Lattes and Cappuccinos are possible with the Tassimo. The Tassimo won’t require much effort and guesswork from its user as the system intelligently loads the optimum settings after scanning the discs barcode.

The Keurig is first and foremost, a coffee maker. It’s wide selection of coffee blends and support for the K-Cup Refillable Kit makes it one excellent coffee maker with a ton of variety flavor-wise.
In the end, if you are a big coffee fan, the Keurig is a better choice as it offers you a wide variety of blends and even allows you to use your own coffee grounds.

The Tassimo will better fit those who are also fans of espresso – Cappuccinos and Lattes are just a touch-of-a-button away from being made.
The Keurig wins in terms of coffee selection, but the Tassimo is more versatile with its espresso-making capabilities.

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